Sunday, January 30, 2011


So, our trip to Hawaii was almost two months ago but I'm trying to catch up a little bit so here are a few pictures from Dane and Leah's wedding and then the extra days that Russ and I stayed afterwards to make the most of this awesome opportunity.

The Laie Hawaii temple had been closed for quite awhile for extensive renovations and then re-opened and was re-dedicated just before Dane and Leah's wedding. They were actually the first wedding since the re-opening. The whole day was beautiful and both families couldn't have been happier for the cute couple. As Dane's big sister I was overwhelmed at how much Leah's family love him and how happy they are to have him in their family. It made me so happy because we feel the same about Leah. Not only is she cute and smiley, she is easy to be around and puts everyone at ease. I love that these two found each other and have brought out the best in each other. Leah, we're so happy to have you as a Watson!!

File:Laie temple.JPG

The reception was so much fun and Leah and her family did such a great job planning and creating a memorable experience!

After all the excitement of the wedding festivities, Russ and I stayed on the North Shore for a couple more days, we went to a waterfall, checked out the local snorkeling area and went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. If you get a chance to visit Oahu don't miss the PCC, there is so much to learn, experience and see. We spent the whole day and didn't see it all.

Russ doing the New Zealand warrior march. So intimidating!

My polynesian souvenir.

This guy in the Samoan village was hilarious! I think he's been doing his thing at the PCC for quite some time and he is great at explaining life in a Samoan village and making it funny.
After visiting all the villages we went to the Luau. Good, but not a fan of everything they offered. (poi...eecchhh!)

The following day we were in Waikiki. We enjoyed the beach, the sun and a beautiful drive around the southern part of the island. I took a ton of pictures but chose just a few to put up here. It was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be!

It was such a great trip! So great to spend time with my family, celebrate with Dane and Leah and hang out with my best friend. We had a great time and I'm so happy that Dane and Leah are staying in Hawaii so I have a reason to go back.


  1. Looks so, so great - glad it was such a good trip. I have never been, so it is definitely on my "bucket list." Did you take your new camera btw? Excellent job on the self-portrait!