Sunday, October 31, 2010


We love Halloween at our house! Most of the kids and Russ will tell you that carving pumpkins is the best part. Some of the pumpkins we carved are ones that Russ grew in his garden, some we got from the trip to corn maze and some were from the neighbors who were selling pumpkins on their driveway. Even as we were finishing the last two, Karly still wanted to go down to McMurdie's and buy "just one more!" We were amazed this year by Dylan's skill and diligence at carving, he did awesome!!

Kelsey had her friends over for a party before Halloween and they all looked so cute! I tried to stay out of the way so I didn't take too many pictures.
Trick or treating was a little wet, but fortunately not too cold.

Mom: Dylan how did your hands get so messy?
Dylan: It was a four bar Kit Kat (duh!)

Happy Halloween!!