Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation at our house

This summer, instead of our normal trip to Portland to see family, the family came to see us. Kimber was coming out to see Chad who has been teaching at BYU and stayed a lot of her two week visit with us. Since Kimber was coming out with Abe, Mom and Dad and Kecia and Mike decided to come down too. I'll admit it was a little crazy at times, 16 people in our house, but it was tons of fun.
We loved seeing Abe! So fat and so much fun! Too bad he hasn't learned that sleeping all night and into the morning makes you really popular! Abe turned one while they were here and Kimber hosted a birthday party for him and invited a bunch of her friends that came from all over Utah to see the Nelson's and celebrate Abe's birthday.

Our kids were super excited for Nana and Papa and Kecia's kids to get here, and it was one fun event after another once they did. Shopping, crafts, Raging waters, tie-dyed shirts, Cole's birthday and lots of goofing off.

At the end of all the fun the Chandler's went home, Karly packed up and left with Nana and Papa to Portland. Brady went to EFY in Provo. Kimber stayed a few more days and then she left too, taking her adorable monster with her...all leaving our house very quiet and uneventful. I know it was crazy, but I'm so glad they all came!!

P.S. The following week Kelsey flew by herself to Kentucky to stay with Kris and Kourtney for almost two weeks. They did all kinds of fun stuff, crafting, shopping, boating and more shopping and Kelsey had a blast and came home with most of her school shopping done! Thanks Kourtney!!

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