Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter 2011

Again, I'm playing catch-up, but here's a quick recap of some of the highlights of the last couple of months. First of all, Brady turned 16. So exciting for him and us. In the couple weeks following his birthday we were cramming in driving hours to meet the 40hr requirement in Utah so he could get his license. Now, he is finally caught back up with his peers, able to drive and able to date without a bunch of negotiations. This is one amazing kid!!

Kelsey started taking dance this fall and had a recital in Jan. She looked so cute! Unfortunately the group was moving so fast I couldn't really get good pictures while she was dancing so she agreed to having her picture taken after.

The beginning of February Dylan had his birthday and turned 6. He's such a fun kid and I so wish I could keep him little!! Since I can't, we celebrated his birthday at an arcade with some of his friends. He loved it!!

In February Kelsey, Karly and Dylan started taking ski lessons up at Wolf Creek. It was so much fun, and every night they would ski after their lesson was over at 6, until I made them quit so we could get home. All of the kids improved a ton, but mostly just loved having the opportunity to ski every week.

In case you haven't already seen a picture, Kelsey decided to dye her hair bright red. It's actually very cute and fits her bright fun personality. Here are a couple pics of Kelsey doing a silly skit with her friends at Young Women's.

Kelsey all dressed up and ready for the spring dance at her Jr. High. How can she be this grown up already?

As a junior offiicer, one of the big things that Brady and his group were in charge of this year was Junior Prom. They figured out everything including the venue, the theme, decorations favors etc...very fun!! The week of prom, the Jr. Officers put on an assembly where they did a bunch of skits in between the student talent acts. Somewhere our son got this ability to be silly in front of large groups of people and make them laugh. He invited us to the assembly and we were privileged to watch him do his thing.

And then, Prom! I was a little bummed that I didn't get to take a bunch of pictures of Brady and his date Nikki before the dance, but they did pictures with a photographer before the dance so I have those to look forward to. Russ and I got to help decorate and then also chaperone at the dance which was such a privilege! So much fun seeing all the kids dressed up and looking their best. I think I had more fun at Brady's prom than I did at my own.

This post seems to lacking in pictures of Karly. While she didn't have any big events the last few months, she continues to be such a joy! She's taking piano lessons and doing great. She's also taking hip hop with her friend and will have a recital in May. Karly worked really hard on a science fair project in Jan and Feb and ultimately won a second place ribbon. We think one judge was unusually harsh in his scoring, but at least she has something to work towards for next year.

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  1. How did I get so lucky to have 6 great kids and 13 1/2 awesome grand kids. Brady, Kelsey, Karly, Dylan---I love your pictures and I love you more. Nana